Sunday, August 12, 2012

Medieval Times

We always see this castle by I-90 when we go to our favorite shopping places at Schaumburg, IL.  It's been more than 10 years, since I first got intrigued by this majestic structure, and yes it took me that long to finally go check it out!

The Medieval Times Castle

It was one of our friends' birthday, so we thought of celebrating it here.  
Birthday celebrant, Ela, in black, in right photo.  Weather was perfect as you can see.

My King! :-)

Inside the castle... 

There's a dungeon displaying instruments of torture during the medieval times.

More torture paraphernalia which was really creepy... 
Oh, and they have nice decorated ceilings too (so not all that creepy).

Inside the arena... it was quite large and had real sand.

Amazingly trained horses, bright costumes, colorful lighting, lively music, and great audience interaction as each section had its own knight to cheer for (we got the black and white night - in picture, lower left).

And this after all, is not just a show, but really a feast - we had the following for dinner:

Which we had to eat with our bare hands... after all, there were no utensils back then.

Half a chicken which I didn't finish.  It was tasty - wondered if they cooked it the same way back in the medieval times!

  Tomato Bisque served in a dish made in China hehehe.

Jousting!  Unfortunately, our knight was the very first to get defeated.  Ha!  Great acting though.  

 Fun, fun, fun.  I would do it again if my sister and family come over.  Definitely worth our $42.


  1. Very nice experience for you and friends;)

  2. that's one modern looking castle :-D that dish made from china was funny.. so medieval! LOL

    Spanish Pinay