Saturday, February 23, 2013

Next Project: Madi's Baptism

I'm still waiting for the CD with all of the photos from last week's baby shower... Photos to come in the next post.  It went by so quickly and I was more than pleased with the result, but it will just have to wait!  Meanwhile, at 36 weeks, I'm already planning for Madi's Christening.  I'm thinking, start early because I'll have my hands full when baby Madi comes out.  

I got this idea from a friend who was one of the baby shower planners.  Chocolate-covered oreos!  It reminded me of the chocolate covered Cream-O's from Manila, and I thought... this should be pretty easy and will surely be a crowd pleaser.  I researched the internet and found a good resource for making impressive looking chocolate-covered oreos, but unfortunately, her materials are not very accessible and I still have to buy them on-line.  Good thing Michael's carries some of them like cookie molds and candy melts, so I had my hubby drive for me today so I can grab these and start practicing!  

Like I said, I started PRACTICING.  It wasn't so easy, and took me about an hour to make 6 cookies and they weren't close to perfect at all, ha!  But, now I know the trick... I'll have to do better next time.

1. Paint
2. Fill

3. Dunk
4. Cover

5. Chill
6. Taste (yum-o!)

7. Package

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Preparing for Madi: Weekend Series - Chapter 2

As I mentioned in one of my earlier posts, we're going to have a baby shower soon, and as OC as my friends and I are, we had to go to the venue and do a "little" ocular inspection.  It's a nice spacious room, but what's bothering me are the colors - don't get me wrong, they have a really nice cozy interior, but the colors are way too earthy for our pink and teal theme.  What to do, what to do... think, think, think.  Two weeks to go... I'm channeling my inner Martha Stewart / David Bromstad...  Hmm... 

The community room at our friends' apartment building.

This weekend, we also had our baptism preparation class at the Holy Name Cathedral Rectory.  We were actually about to leave the apartment for a movie on Saturday morning, when we got a mail that the class was going to be held at the same time!  Ugh.  Priorities, priorities - so of course we chose the class.  We did find it too early though as I haven't even given birth yet, and true enough - I was the only pregnant mom in the class, ha!  The class reminded me of Christian Living class back in High School and I had to recite all 7 sacraments... I almost forgot one, good thing my hubby reminded me what it was (at the brink of humiliation) - Holy Orders!  Anyway, the teacher also let the parents know what our babies names mean.  Madison means "son of a valiant warrior" or "brave".  Cool - we actually thought it just meant "son of Matthew," but we loved the name so much, so we just stuck with it.  By the way, our Madi is a she, not a he. :-)

The chapel were Madi will be baptized - and of course I had to take a picture.

Looking for potential receptions near the church - I didn't think it would be this difficult.  This one looks quaint and intimate.

An addition to our Baby Shower activities is an Arts and Crafts nook where titas can create a customized baby headband for Madi.  I bought some materials at Michael's (my heaven) and tried making one for myself (well, for Madi of course).  I fell in love with this ikat patterned grosgrain ribbon, that I had to get it despite being expensive - my baby will definitely stand out in this.  I just know she'll be a little more edgy.

Customized Grosgrain Bows on Crocheted Headband

It's Sunday night, and I need to stop day dreaming and start resting... another long week for me.  'Til the next Madi Weekend Series...

Friday, February 1, 2013


With my 33-week pregnant belly hanging around, and superrrrrr cold weather upon us, exploring new brunch places has become so sparse (as sparse as my blogging in the last few months) that red velvet french toast is actually old news!  Well, it doesn't matter, as Yolk made me a big fan of it, and I might end up ordering more sweet than savory brunch dishes moving forward!  

Yolk is actually a chain of restaurants all over Chicago, and for some reason, I just tried it after more than two years in this city.  It started on Christmas Eve when my sister visited, and I was too lazy and tired (in the morning, I know) to whip up some good comfort-food-ish breakfast.  I've been hearing great reviews about Yolk and surprisingly they were open on Christmas Eve, and best of all -- no lines! Interior was simple, nothing earth-shattering - just bright and spacious and colorful.  The menu was interesting and had so many choices, but nothing too overwhelming.  

I had the popular french toast and I was more than pleased - so this is what the fuss is all about!  Didn't need no syrup.  Didn't need no whipped cream.  Didn't need no nothing!  It was good by itself.  My sister had some Italian omelette and boy it was magnifico - it's like pasta sauce with loads of meat wrapped in eggs!  Hubby had a skillet which had the best Andouille sausage I've ever tasted.  If I were to describe their food in 2 words - fresh and tasty.

We left the place with big smiles on our faces... we thought, we're definitely coming back.

Christmas Eve Brunch with my sister, Apple

The Big Easy Skillet & When In Rome Omelette

Red Velvet Cheesecake

Our second time at Yolk... the place still didn't fail our expectations.  My skillet had very tender steak bites that it seemed rare (which is not good for me), but it was actually well done.  Hubby had a trio of french toasts - banana nut, sweet orange, and lemon poppy seed, all topped with super fresh fruits.

Steak Skillet & Tour de France French Toast

My brunch buddy, hubby