Sunday, February 3, 2013

Preparing for Madi: Weekend Series - Chapter 2

As I mentioned in one of my earlier posts, we're going to have a baby shower soon, and as OC as my friends and I are, we had to go to the venue and do a "little" ocular inspection.  It's a nice spacious room, but what's bothering me are the colors - don't get me wrong, they have a really nice cozy interior, but the colors are way too earthy for our pink and teal theme.  What to do, what to do... think, think, think.  Two weeks to go... I'm channeling my inner Martha Stewart / David Bromstad...  Hmm... 

The community room at our friends' apartment building.

This weekend, we also had our baptism preparation class at the Holy Name Cathedral Rectory.  We were actually about to leave the apartment for a movie on Saturday morning, when we got a mail that the class was going to be held at the same time!  Ugh.  Priorities, priorities - so of course we chose the class.  We did find it too early though as I haven't even given birth yet, and true enough - I was the only pregnant mom in the class, ha!  The class reminded me of Christian Living class back in High School and I had to recite all 7 sacraments... I almost forgot one, good thing my hubby reminded me what it was (at the brink of humiliation) - Holy Orders!  Anyway, the teacher also let the parents know what our babies names mean.  Madison means "son of a valiant warrior" or "brave".  Cool - we actually thought it just meant "son of Matthew," but we loved the name so much, so we just stuck with it.  By the way, our Madi is a she, not a he. :-)

The chapel were Madi will be baptized - and of course I had to take a picture.

Looking for potential receptions near the church - I didn't think it would be this difficult.  This one looks quaint and intimate.

An addition to our Baby Shower activities is an Arts and Crafts nook where titas can create a customized baby headband for Madi.  I bought some materials at Michael's (my heaven) and tried making one for myself (well, for Madi of course).  I fell in love with this ikat patterned grosgrain ribbon, that I had to get it despite being expensive - my baby will definitely stand out in this.  I just know she'll be a little more edgy.

Customized Grosgrain Bows on Crocheted Headband

It's Sunday night, and I need to stop day dreaming and start resting... another long week for me.  'Til the next Madi Weekend Series...


  1. ay Dianne... again, I really wish I can be there with you! Pero I promise I will try to go to Chicago to see you by hook or by crook once they send me Ohio. Hindi pa nakakalabas si Madi but she's already very very lucky to be the daughter of OC and very stylish and loving mommy :) I already love her... no drama. I really can't wait to see her and smell her!

    Spanish Pinay

  2. Lhot!!!! Na-touch ako. E-mail me the details!