Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Why Hello World!

It's been a really, really, realllyyyy long time since I updated this blog. And knowing myself, I might not be able to keep this updated again soon after I hit the Publish button for this post. But anyway...

Life has been good to me the past 2 years. We came back home to Manila, after our almost 3-year stint in beautiful Chicago. I went back to work, got promoted, and a few months after, finally pursued my dream of creative work.  It just hit me one day - I knew exactly what I wanted to do, from all the countless ideas that were forming in my head, ever since I decided that IT is not for me. Yup, my friends, after almost 14 years, I slipped out of my comfort zone and became... an Event Stylist (do I hear some clapping? :-)).

What the heck is an Event Stylist? Every time I am asked that question, I say, I am responsible for the aesthetic aspects of an event. I.e. I design the visual part of it - the invitation, the actual event decorations, and the printed materials (we call, the "printables").  I work with my clients and/or their event coordinator (who are what I would translate to as the PM) in making sure the event looks well put together, cohesive, and really pretty and awesome! It really started with my daughter's first birthday, which by the way, was featured by a very popular local blog called Baby & Breakfast (woohoo!). Though come to think of it, browsing through my old posts from my own blog, I've started "styling" every time we threw a party for our friends in Chicago. It started with a tea party, then a 4th of July/despedida party, and a few more thereafter. Not the full-blown type, but just enough to spark an interest in this field.

It hasn't been that easy though. People always come up to me and applaud me for such a brave move. Some say I'm an inspiration (wow, really?!) and that they too want to move out of their 9 to 5 job (or more like 9 to "sawa" LOL) and pursue their passion and make a living out of it. They even think that I have more time for my family, and it's easy breezy living. Well, not to burst anyone's bubble, but hell no. Starting up my own business and removing all the pampering a corporate job gives is STRESSFUL (I can't stress that enough - pun intended).  Having to deal with doubts from some people, while discouraging, is totally understandable, considering my old paycheck and set of benefits from my previous company. Well, goodbye to that. From a team of 100 to a team of 1.5 (or even less), from high-heels to muddy water drenched sneaks (thanks to Divisoria's defective drainage system), from working with professionals from different parts of the globe to haggling with street vendors (for a measly 5 peso discount), needless to say, it has been quite a challenge. 

How's my business doing so far? It's been doing very well, and I thank God for helping me through. I once spoke with a friend, before tendering my resignation, as I was confused if I were really doing the right thing. She said, "isn't it also a disservice to God, if you're not using your talent to its full potential"? True. I could hear God speak through that friend, and He has since guided me through. My number one supporter though, is none other than my dear husband. He had the biggest love and faith in me, that any wife-taking-the-leap-of-faith could/should ever have. My parents and siblings, while at first doubtful, has embraced my journey 100% and I am very grateful. This is not an award acceptance speech, so I'll stop right here. Heehee! You get the point.

Styling not just "events", but beautiful milestones a family celebrates is a far greater and deeper achievement than what I had before. I think that's the main difference. From Dianne Creates to DianneKhu Designs, I hope to continue to fulfill what God has called me to do.

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