Saturday, February 23, 2013

Next Project: Madi's Baptism

I'm still waiting for the CD with all of the photos from last week's baby shower... Photos to come in the next post.  It went by so quickly and I was more than pleased with the result, but it will just have to wait!  Meanwhile, at 36 weeks, I'm already planning for Madi's Christening.  I'm thinking, start early because I'll have my hands full when baby Madi comes out.  

I got this idea from a friend who was one of the baby shower planners.  Chocolate-covered oreos!  It reminded me of the chocolate covered Cream-O's from Manila, and I thought... this should be pretty easy and will surely be a crowd pleaser.  I researched the internet and found a good resource for making impressive looking chocolate-covered oreos, but unfortunately, her materials are not very accessible and I still have to buy them on-line.  Good thing Michael's carries some of them like cookie molds and candy melts, so I had my hubby drive for me today so I can grab these and start practicing!  

Like I said, I started PRACTICING.  It wasn't so easy, and took me about an hour to make 6 cookies and they weren't close to perfect at all, ha!  But, now I know the trick... I'll have to do better next time.

1. Paint
2. Fill

3. Dunk
4. Cover

5. Chill
6. Taste (yum-o!)

7. Package