Thursday, June 27, 2013

Must Lose Weight.

My daughter is turning 3 months' old tomorrow and I'm happy how she turned out to be a happy, healthy baby.  Really so happy with that.  With all the challenges I've overcome in the last three months, I'm quite proud of myself (and my husband of course).  The journey is definitely still on, but I'm in a place where I now think I need to do something about myself.  I must lose weight.  As I've been breastfeeding exclusively, I know I could not go into crash diet mode, which I've proven as effective several times in the past. So what I will do, is to gradually lose weight - starting with eating healthy and doing a little bit more walking.  I have yet to gather the guts to go out alone with my daughter as I'm used to the security I have with my husband being beside me all the time.  I think I'll start by going to the park tomorrow.

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