Friday, June 28, 2013

DIY Headbands for Madison

So really I was supposed to go out today to start my MLW goal.  But it rained.  Really, it did! :-)  So no  walking done, but I was productive.  Being the kikay mom that I am, I love dressing up my little girl!  I have been browsing practically everyday for baby headbands, but I find them very expensive.  What's the big deal?!  Then I saw some headband materials lying around the living room shelf screaming for me to use them - they are left overs from the baby shower and already gathering dust, tsk, tsk.  I wanted to make something that would not look like a school project, so I found myself browsing for tutorials on youtube, starting with the very basic bow.  Good thing I have all the materials on hand...

This video did it for me.  It's really super easy - it got so addictive and I could've done a lot more if only I had no other chores, and of course, my model needed some attention too!  I made three today since it's my daughter's third month birthday!

The one in the middle had ready made flowers, so I just added another bow for a more girly touch.  I have yet to let Madi wear all of them, but here's a photo of her with the very first one I made.  I have a feeling I'll have more posts like this.

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