Thursday, July 11, 2013

Wednesday Slob

Staying at home due to my extended leave has its perks of course (Madi at the top of the list), but sometimes I feel like such a big slob that I have to drag my whole body to do something more productive.  Besides, this kind of life will not be for long - I'll be back to work in less than two months.  Ugh.  Help me God.  Anyway, yesterday was one of those days.  I have this routine of browsing this daily deals shopping site, Zulily, starting at 8AM when they refresh their stuff.  The featured deal yesterday was TOMS shoes, and OMG were they cheap!  Definitely cheaper than the usual retail price!    So practically the whole day, if not breastfeeding, I was lying on the couch, browsing and shopping away!  The thing with this site, you have to be super quick as items sell out just when you're about to add them to your basket.  And since these were shoes I was eyeing, it's almost like I was playing habulan with other buyers as sizes come and go so I had to be extra vigilant and go back and forth to the styles I wanted.  At 3 o'clock in the afternoon, I ended up buying six pairs of shoes and feeling so guilty as I felt so unproductive and yup, such a SLOB.  I had to create something.  I whipped up a baby headband in thirty minutes.  Another post on that.

I also had my daily walk, and this time to the grocery store so I can buy ingredients for two dishes I've been planning to cook since a month ago?  Haha.  Hubby and Madi joined me.  Here are products of my couch potato-ing on food network.

Barefoot Contessa Lobster Salad
(Recipe here)
I used Farfalle instead of shells.

Pioneer Woman's Chicken Spaghetti
(Recipe here)
I used fresh red bell peppers instead of canned pimiento.

I went to bed not feeling like a slob anymore.  Thank you God for helping me get on my feet and turning my day around.  And more importantly, having this kind of life where "turning a day around" was not really such a big deal.  I feel so blessed.

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