Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Fun Interior for a Cafe

"Ang cuuuuuttteee"!

That's the first thing that came to my mind the minute I stepped into this French-themed Cafe.  Playful, whimsical, colorful, CUTE.  You just want to hang out here all day and wait for Mario & Luigi to come out, along with the Care Bears, their cousins, and why not bring along the Sanrio gang while you're at it!  Okay, now that I think about it more, you probably don't want to stay here too long or you'll find yourself in the loony bin, heehee!

Regardless, I think this is the cutest cafe ever - gives me great ideas for my own (everybody has a dream)!

We weren't able to eat a full meal here - hubby and I just shared a ham-cheese-egg crepe, because we were bound for another popular Chicago hot dog place and didn't want to commit a capital sin with a capital G hehehe.  We each had our coffee though - hubby had the one in the photo - toasted marshmallow latte.  I had a white chocolate raspberry latte.  Not bad.

Nice touch, huh? :-) Well, hope you also do have a great day!

I just realized I have a blog milestone - this is my 50th post!  Woohoo!!!  (Spare me the babaw shriek of joy)


  1. that's really colorful! it would be nice to have my morning coffee there to perk up my day!

  2. Nice to see that both of you are really enjoying you lives. Talagang bonding time palagi. Can I ask ow old you are Dianne?

  3. This looks super cute. I have a thing for cute cafes too...always wanted one of my own. I particularly love ones with cute Asian/Korean touches. :D

  4. Gaganda ng kulay ng cafes :-)

    50th na? Ang bilis! Congrats ;-)

    Spanish Pinay