Saturday, July 7, 2012

Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives!

Ironic as it may sound, while using the treadmill last night, we were watching Diners, Drive-ins and Dives!  I've actually been trying to avoid this show because it makes me crave greasy diner food, but Guy (the show's host) featured this burger bar in Chicago and so we were hooked!  The place is called DMK Bar and they make "designer" burgers.  Enough said.

Photo from Grub Street Chicago

So we took a little trip to Wellington via Red/Brown lines, bracing ourselves for a big crowd.  Pleasantly surprised, there was actually no line and we got a table instantly (it was 2:00 PM after all).  Thirsty, Bobby had Lemon Blueberry Soda (yeah I know, so why is it red, not blue or even green?).

Everything featured on the show, we ordered.  I had a Salmon Burger, in my attempt not to mess up my diet (despite Salmon actually having high fat content).  I loved how the salmon tasted so fresh and not overwhelming - I guess that's because of the ginger and scallion and tartiness of the slaw.  Great choice!

Salmon Burger - Fresh Salmon, Ginger & Scallion, Asian Slaw, Red Thai Curry Sauce
The winner: Fries with Parmesan and Truffle Cream.  Bobby loved it so much, he practically finished it dry, finding any leftover to dip, and regretting that we only had the smaller portion of the fries, ha!  Then he had the Bison Burger with goat cheese and blueberry barbecue sauce.  This was the best seller - amazinnggg as it brought a smile to hubby's face after the first bite.

What a great lunch!

Belmont Station Funky Art.  On our way home.

My mind is already trying to figure out how to make the truffle cream dip.  Hmmm.


  1. Nice date and food:) Love is all around the food...I mean you:)

  2. :-) It was a great lunch indeed!

  3. This is one of my fave cooking show. yeah,makes you crave greasy fatty food even at midnight :)