Saturday, July 14, 2012

Emmy's 4th of July Despedida

This post is wayyy long overdue, but here it goes...

This party is really for a good friend, Emmy, who's leaving Chicago four days from now...

And it just so happened that the only day everyone's available for her despedida was on the 4th of July, so logically, we would have a 4th of July Americana theme!  The art-project-of-a-hat below was supposed to mimic Uncle Sam's Top Hat, but I just used whatever materials I had on hand - scrapbook stock paper and stickers.  A little bit crude, but worked as a cute topper to our sugar cookies.  And of course we had to decorate the tree as well, with $1-decor from Target.  

People were instructed to wear red, white, or blue (and check out our props) so we would look nice and cohesive for photo ops. :-)
My hubby, looking fresh despite the humidity!

Burgers, Hotdogs (with 1 longganisa hehehe), S'mores
Our $14.99 Griller, Beef/Sausage Burger with Wasabi Mayo, Ala Woodstock Crowd at the Park

Corn Dog!  More props!  My friends, Ela, Janice, and I obviously had fun shopping for party supplies at Target (probably even went a little overboard).

Navy Pier at Night
(Special thanks to Ela for letting me use her cam while mine's MIA)

We'll definitely miss Emmy - all the trips and adventures in Chicago wouldn't be as fun without you!


  1. What a fun day with friends and very creative. Have a bless sunday Dianne!