Sunday, July 22, 2012

Weekend Roundup!

"Roundup" sounds cool, but yep, this post is really just one big dump of stuff I did over the weekend!:-)  I have been extremely busy the last few weeks and my camera is currently being resuscitated by Canon, but... I missed blogging.  So, despite not having a specific post-worthy topic... here we go.  Yesterday was a full-packed day as we went to Six Flags Great America, did some outlet shopping, and had a big dinner at Chinatown (the restaurant).  Today was a little bit more relaxing as we just stayed at home, worked some, watched some, cooked some - that's it pansit.  And yes, I literally cooked pansit and had that for dinner while watching a 3-hour episode of my guilty pleasure, "The Bachelorette"!

Funny, on our way to Six Flags, I was telling my friends that my most hated Looney Tune Character was Pepe Le Pew, even referring to him as a maniac of a skunk (and you'd know why if you've seen classic Bugs Bunny cartoon shows).  But guess what, he's the first ever mascot we saw at the park, hahaha!  What the heck, a photo op wouldn't hurt!

We didn't really do any of the big roller coasters which Six Flags was supposedly famous for.  I'm not a big fan of those and good thing my companions aren't too, so we ended up just walking around the park and taking the scenic train ride which was apparently popular with the oldies and the babies!

Free lunch, spaghetti with meatballs, which was surprisingly good, despite a tub load of noodles.

It was a pretty hot day and they had cooling stations everywhere, spraying refreshing mist.  This asian family thought it was the coolest thing, hehehe.

To cap our exhausting day, we had the best Chinese-Filipino food at Chinatown Restaurant!  It was the ultimate cheat day for me and I better starve myself this week or else...  Anyway, our no-brainer choices are...
Excuse the poor quality of the photos as I used my six-year-old camera...

Chicken Skin Chicharon (OMG and it's free) and Crispy Pata (OMG X 2)!

Salt & Pepper Squid and Dungeness Crab
Not in picture: Hototai Soup and Sauteed Kangkong

Today, I watched a lot of "Chopped" episodes and one of the chefs made steak with siding of vermicelli and vegetables.  With that in mind and my Chinatown hangover, I got inspired to cook pansit and threw in whatever I had in my dying-for-some-grocery-shopping pantry and fridge.  I had a big head of cabbage, some red and yellow bell peppers, mushrooms, and leeks.  For the meat, I used chicken thigh fillets and andouille sausage (I know, it's weird, but it worked).  I made it a little sweet and added hoisin/sugar/oyster sauce, and finished off with sesame oil.  So it's like Korean Jap Chae Noodles meets Pinoy Pansit Bihon.  I thought I cooked a whole lot, but it looks like it will be gone by middle of the week!  Hubby said I should audition for "Chopped" - in my dreams!

Pansit Bihon ala Jap Chae

I don't know if today got me refreshed for another five whole days of work.  I'll see if I'd be able to blog mid-week, which means it'll be a better week for me.  


  1. I MISS Filipino food!!! I don't think we have a decent place to have Filipino food in my neck of the woods though... I really should cook it myself, but somehow comfort food seems to be better when it's cooked by someone else for you?

    Dreaming of lumpiang ubod right now...sigh.

    1. I love Lumpiang Ubod!!! Fried or fresh, heavenly!

      Don't you get to cook vegetarian pinoy dishes? Although I must admit, you have limited options!

  2. Nice bonding day with friends and your pancit looks yummy!

    1. Thanks Joy! After eating it for a week, I don't want to look at pandit anymore! Hehehe!