Wednesday, February 15, 2012

... a BLOG.

For the 3rd time I think.  There was pink and gold leaves and I forgot the title of the last one... it's been that long.  I realize, despite being perceived as timid, I actually like expressing myself.  I'm not even sure if my life is interesting enough for people to actually read about what I go through each day, but I'm doing this to get to the point where I know what I'm destined to do... The question never goes away, and I know many of my friends are in the same situation.  I guess that's why we understand each other so well.  The daily routine, the "s" word that also ends with "s" (it's not what you think), the dragging of the feet every morning, and the dream of actually LOVING what you do.  Oh and yes, the dreadful Sunday feeling.

For now, I create a blog.


  1. Hey mare! I'm so happy you started this blog as I'm sure this will once again unleash your creative side. I can't wait to see your creations as I'm sure they'll all be fabulous. I'm just glad that you'll be doing things again that you are passionate about, things you can put your heart into and when you look at them you'll feel a sense of fulfillment, a personal satisfaction that you did something with "you" in it. We all need to start creating again, to go back to our passion because only then will we become alive again. Go, Dianne! Create to your heart's content. Mwah!

    1. Love!!!!!!!!!
      Yun lang. Hehehehe! I miss blogging, and I miss yours too!!!

  2. Hurray for Dianne! :) I'm gonna be your regular viewer/reader of course! :-D

    Spanish Pinay

  3. I am a newbie too, i just started my blog in Feb 2012 like yours. I enjoyed reading your posts. You may wanna check mine.