Wednesday, February 22, 2012

S100 is Finally HERE!!!

I've had my trusty point and shoot for almost 6 years now and despite all we've been through, I need something better to fulfill all my creative needs! :-) My Canon 400D on the other hand, is just too bulky to carry around (and outdated)... and I realized, I'm not really the techie photographer type like most aficionados, but just someone who wants to take amazing, interesting pictures.  With a handy P&S.  Picture-perfect moments usually pass by so quickly and you need something light, fast, and takes high quality pictures.  So I'm now a convert.  I'll be using this camera from this day forward (thanks to the federal tax refund)!  Just before the new battery died on me, I took some test shots.


  1. yan naman! I'll be looking forward to more pictures here ;-)

    Spanish Pinay

  2. I use the S95 which was given to me by my fiancee as a gift. These small cameras take awesome pictures for their size. Great investment!

    1. hey johnny! yeah, super great investment!