Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Learning GIMP

I've always been a Photoshop addict - love, love, love it.  Playing with it and creating amazing graphics is PURE BLISS.  Yes, I am a geek.  But since I moved to the US, I will need to spend $$$ to get it (so long, ruins).  As I was getting desperate trying to customize my blog, I asked my hubby where I could get a mac compatible easy-to-use graphic editing tool that is uhh... free.  And then he pointed me to GIMP.  Ok, it took me two hours to make a graphic that I would probably make in 20 minutes using Photoshop.  I realize GIMP has cloned Photoshop in so many ways but failed miserably in usability.  Some shortcuts don't even work and dragging objects is p-a-i-n-f-u-l.  Maybe if I use it more often I'd be better at it... let's see.  So here you have it, I'm not ecstatic about the result, but I'm happy enough to use it as my Blog Title for now.


  1. Ganda kaya! I miss photoshopping too... hay, kaya lang wala na talagang time. I can't even add a simple watermark on the photos I use for the blog hehe deadma na!

    Spanish Pinay

    1. Thanks Lhot... I remember I can work the whole day using Photoshop. And it doesn't feel like work. :-)