Friday, April 20, 2012

End of the week... pit and peak.

Yes, I watch Keeping Up with the Kardashians... it's a guilty pleasure.  But apart from entertaining crazy family drama and Kourtney's fabulous fashion takes, there are actually worth your while moments I find in that show.  One of the WYW moments would have to be sharing their pit and peak of the day.  As I wind up this week with a blog post, I'll talk about my pit and peak of the WEEK.
 My Pit:
... application crashed as I started my week.
... found out my 4-year-old nephew fell flat on his face on his birthday party (it's not even funny)!
... looking like an idiot in a meeting.
... having to work 12 hours every single day because there's just so much to catch up on (and still they keep piling up -- what's new?)
... finding my hubby looking tired and tulala at the end of day Friday.
My Peak:
... got a call from my 4 year-old nephew thanking me and hubby for the books we sent him (beyond cute)
... my American Idol being safe this week (my 50 online votes, countless calls, and hubby's text messages somehow made it through... yup, I'm surprised at myself too)
... hearing from a colleague that we work well together :-)
... having a friend over for dinner and a TV show impromptu and she liked my whatever's in the fridge penne
... oh, and I, together with another colleague, unexpectedly got filmed while having a meeting.  They were making this video for the CEO which should show clips of employees at work (while looking motivated and happy, ha!)... And before we could even say no, we ended up having 10 takes, which was funny because we had no script and had to improvise.  At the last take, we talked about the Oscars and being "born to act" while showing spreadsheets from a laptop!  Hilarious.

I'm glad the week is over and I'm ready to detoxify.  This Sunday will be interesting as we host a tea-time themed party.  And to get me inspired, tomorrow we'll go to this nice little cafe uptown for breakfast.  Not exactly English, but close enough. :-) Now that's starting the weekend with a peak... I hope so!


  1. Thanks for sharing your pit and peak. And nice knowing your activities and thoughts. It made me think of my up and downs too:)

    1. Thanks Joy - sometimes you just have to find the good in the bad... to keep you sane! :-)

  2. I hope you're enjoying your weekend, Didi! And yay! Keep voting on AI :D

    Having worked in advertising before, my colleagues and I know what you're talking about! We have our standard poses to capture certain moments -- like that 'perfect' work moment or that 'perfect' friends-at-the-cafe one.

    1. Ahhh! Buti na lang I was wearing my new top haha!

  3. How many times have you appeared on videos like this? Photoshoots? and even on a newspaper! You are really born to be a star ;-)

    I'm glad you had those pits... coz I know you'll appreciate more the peaks! and that's how life is, isn't it? :) But I do wish the 2nd pit didn't happen... is he doing better now? may bukol? poor one!

    Spanish Pinay

    1. OA! Pro bono naman hahaha!
      Datu is doing much better, thanks! Wawa siya nun - naiyak ako when I found out.