Saturday, April 28, 2012

Kali Elijah

Kali Elijah Nunez Perez
Born 26th April 2012
8 lbs 4oz

It makes me smile just thinking about the newest member of our family, Eli, second son of my older sister Joanne, and Patrick.  He is very special.  For one, they say he looks like me (though I think he looks more like Kuya Pat).  But I'll take it - did I mention he's the cutest - all 8 pounds of him?!?;-) He's the second child and potentially middle child, and aheeem... I am too - I think we are the most well-rounded, balanced people you'll ever meet hahaha!  He'll also soon be my hubby's godson (imagining him saying "Ninong Bobby" makes my heart leap with joy).  And lastly, he would've been the same age as our child, if the greatest dream did not end last October.  I am overjoyed, but it is also a little bittersweet.

Nonetheless, little Eli will be our inspiration.  Everyday I pray that we again have the greatest dream, and this time, it will never end.


  1. Very sweet baby. Congratulation:)

  2. Dianne, this is beautiful... congratulations to Joanne! And I'm sorry, I didn't know... I too wish for your dream to be fulfilled.

    1. Thanks Mia. That's okay... God may have (better) plans for us. :-)