Saturday, March 31, 2012

Columbus Trip Day 2 Morning

Oh what an exhausting but wonderful day...

Starting with a sip of coffee while admiring the pinks, the whites and the greens (despite an overcast sky).
JalapeƱo, onions, and cheese omelette and beaten rice with peanuts for breakfast.  
Everybody's looking forward to the day ahead!

Then off to a hiking trip...
Waiting for wild bucks and admiring a tall white oak tree (to ward off vampires?)...

Hung up on St. Patrick's Day!

Quiet Stream and winding trail.

All smiles, laughter, fun (and tired feet)...

But the day was not yet done...


  1. What a memorable trip:) parang. Nakitrip na rin ko. God's creation are really wonderful to see. Seems that you are enjoying each otherS company.

    1. Hey Dianne, you were in my neck of the woods (well, kind of!) over the weekend? Where did you go hiking by the way? That trail looks beautiful...

      That "beaten rice with peanuts" you described - is that the Indian "poha"? The hubby makes that sometimes on weekends - one of my favorites!

      Loving the new blog layout by the way! Aren't tabs wonderful :)

    2. Mia! Yes, I realize you're in Ohio - in Cincinnati right? I forgot the name of the trail...
      And you're right, Poha! Sooo good! I learned a lot of Indian dishes this week, and I'll post in a while (or maybe tomorrow as we just got home after a long road trip)!
      Yup, this layout is easier on the eye!

  2. I used to be in Cincinnati (6 years) then moved to Cleveland 2-ish years ago :)

  3. Ang gandaaa ng place. So relaxing. And it feels good that you have good company to share your laughter with at a place like this :)

    1. Thanks! It was so much fun... one of the best cultural experiences I've ever had!