Sunday, March 18, 2012

Peg for Condo Living Room

We're finally selling our condo, but before doing so, we made a major but very basic renovation in almost all areas.  New tiles, floors, wall paint, lighting, toilet - it's practically 
new.  I have proven though that having somebody else oversee the renovation, though convenient, could be so challenging.  Just before we left Manila last January, Bobby, my
Dad, and I did a shopping "sprint" of home improvement materials at Wilcon and Home
Depot.  It was fun, but also stressful -- especially when we're back in Chicago and all the 
renovation was being done without my OC-eyes on the watch.  Anyway, we decided to 
make it clean, simple, and neutral - practically a blank canvass so you can pretty much 
do anything with it. I was overall pleased with the outcome and I thanked my Dad for 
doing much of the work, dealing with the contractor and taking care of all the buying, 
accounting, coordinating, etc.  Oh and did I mention putting up with all of my drama?:-) 

The condo is 42 sqm in size and has a loft layout.  It has two bedrooms and 2 baths.  I 
chose a light grey color for the walls in the first level and dark brown "hardwood" floors.  They weren't able to take a lot of pictures but here are some (clockwise): "hallway" from dining area to the 1st level bedroom (with a peak to the first bathroom), dining/kitchen, 
stairs from the loft to stairs.

I'm so excited to implement all the designs playing around in my head, as I am after all 
a frustrated Interior Designer/Architect.  With all the learnings I got from watching 
too much HGTV (particularly The Property Brothers and High-Low Project), I'm 
ready to get my hands dirty and let my inner Sabrina Soto do the decorating!  BUT, 
since the time has not yet come (and won't be in another five months), I have 
started creating mood boards and pinning ideas on Pinterest.  Also, Polyvore is another 
nifty tool I got addicted to, so... here's my peg for our living room.

Condo Living Room

Will post for the bedroom and dining/kitchen next.  Delighted.


  1. I love! Very chic and clean :) I should try this polyvore for our home... haha 3 years na kami dito para pa rin kaming bagong lipat LOL

    Spanish Pinay

    1. Try polyvore... it's addicting and inspiring. Now if I can only afford their pieces!

  2. You're selling a Chicago condo??? Are you moving away? Moving back home? Moving up?
    I feel like a frustrated interior designer too! Must be something I picked up from my mom - she did interior designing for friends on the side while she worked her full-time psychologist job. I remember shopping with her at furniture stores, fabric stores, looking at color combinations... so much fun. But no wonder you and I get along :)
    I love your inspiration board! I too love neutrals - it's so clean looking and I feel like it gives the eye a restful place to look at. And it has so much potential!
    That sunburst wall art - there's a seller in Etsy with something just like that: I remember adding it to my "favorites" a while back! I think I've also seen something similar at Target (sunburst mirror, but not made of driftwood material).

    1. No I'm not! I don't have a condo here! I'll be here only until August (my 2- year assignment is up), but we're just renting. The condo I'm referring to is back in Manila. We're selling it though, because we want to build a real house (haha). So the renovation took place back in Feb, but we couldn't do much with it because obviously we're here. We'll sell it when we get back, but decorate it in case nobody buys it yet then we have to live there.
      I love Etsy -- I have a feeling that product is made in the Philippines though!
      I remember your mom doing interior design - I could not forget your bedroom - with your day bed and a straw hat hanging on the wall as decor. Super creative!

  3. Ah... I see!
    I can't believe you still remember the details in my bedroom from our childhood/high school days! Even I don't remember anymore! Of course, it looks very different now (my parents gave me a video house tour via facetime recently, haha).
    Yeah, I'm sure you can find something similar (the sunburst) in the Philippines for a fraction of the price :)

  4. Where exactly in Manila is this located? I know some of the best condos in the Fort Bonifacio that will be a great replacement for this love condo. Anyways, this is a great post! Thanks for sharing your humble abode with us!