Friday, March 9, 2012


I was serious when I said I'll definitely come back to Sunda, because I was super-impressed with their food and service the first time I set my foot there on restaurant week.  So, we celebrated our 3rd wedding anniversary by having dinner in this wonderful restaurant.  It was a Thursday, so after office, we actually planned to go straight to Sunda.  But it was too early though... so why not?  We harassed a stranger to take our picture at the bridge along Wacker!  It was actually a nice day so passersby also seemed nice. Spring is coming and days are becoming longer again... this was around 5PM.

When we got to Sunda, the place was still not too packed so we were able to get a table without having to wait (that was the plan after all, thus the 5PM dinner).  We were greeted by our server, Michael, who was very, very nice and attentive.  After he took our order, of course we had to take some pictures!  We loved the interior and we're actually thinking of replicating the rustic brick wall and high ceiling for our future home...

So what did we order (which by the way we already knew the day before :-))?  To start off, we had "Toast and Jam" which translates to Toast Crab Cakes with Tuna Sashimi Jam.  Isn't that clever?  I hate people who thought of these great creative ideas first (before I did) hehehe!  And they also served complimentary Jap Chae Noodles.  For our beverage, we ordered Mango and Pomegranate Soda which we would have to mix ourselves - i.e. plain soda water and flavored syrup.  Genius!

For the main course, Bobby ordered his dream of a dish, Adobo Braised Pork Belly.  Just perfect - the flavor adhered well to the incredibly tender meat, therefore we ate everything, including the skin and fat!

I ordered my new dream of a dish (a new favorite phrase) - Pan Roasted Duck Breast.  This photo, though looking intimidating, may not look appetizing.  But... it was the best duck dish ever - I liked how the sides of the meat were a little crusty and the inside was rare.  I also liked the presentation - the duck breasts were rolled and inside there were some (unidentifiable) herby veggies - which were parsley/mustardy in flavor.

Of course, we had to get rice for sides, otherwise... what's the point?  Ha!  I tried to be good, so I ordered brown rice.  Michael again took our picture, otherwise, again... what's the point?  He was probably not used to taking pictures, so he graciously asked if we were visiting.  I said no, but it was our wedding anniversary (sounding a bit defensive hehehe).

After wiping out our plates clean, we were half-throwing up and ready to get the check.  We were surprised when our nice server brought out two fresh plates and two dessert spoons.  Then this pretty little thing landed on our table - isn't that sweet?

It even came with a card that said "Happy Anniversary from Sunda"!  I forgot the name of this supposedly signature Sunda dessert, but it was vanilla ice cream wrapped in carrot cake and topped with caramel and pecans.  Delicious!  And yes, they also served us coffee.  All complimentary.

Though we went low-key for our third wedding anniversary, this was definitely the best dining experience ever.

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