Saturday, March 31, 2012

Columbus Trip Day 1

To cap off a very stressful week, the team went on a little adventure.  We took at 6-hour-long road trip to our team mate's beautiful home in Columbus, Ohio where she greeted us with so much warmth... and abundant beautifully prepared food (at 1AM in the morning!).

BMT (Basil, Mozzarella, Tomato with drizzle of sweet pesto) and Vegetarian Cream Penne

Rohini & Megha and Colorful Veggie Kebabs

Chicken Skewers (still marinating actually, wasn't able to take the picture of the cooked version which was sooo sumptuous and moist - gone in a few seconds)
And the girls.  Our lovely, gracious host Seema in black.  Rohini, Megha, Mich, yours truly, Ela,  and Emmy.  Where are the boys? Well, at least one was taking the picture hehehe!

Garlic Naan (also used as wrap for the chicken) and Pitas with Hummus (mmm, mmm, mmm!)

For dessert, we had Gulab Jamun (like milky pancake balls submerged in syrup) and Strawberries dipped in chocolate (no photos unfortunately as I was already feeling very tired)!

It's already past 3AM in the morning and I'm feeling blissfully bloated (yikes) ... looking forward to Day 2 in the next few hours...


  1. Garlic Naan!!!! wala lang... haha :-p

    blissfully bloated... para lang nakahandusay sa sofa, busog na busog at nagkakamot ng tyan pero told in a very refined way hahaha.

    Spanish Pinay

    1. Hahaha! Lhot. :-P

      Natawa ko sa "handusay" - parang tambay lang haha! Dapat tinuloy ko... blissfully bloated in the verge of slumber - i.e. "buhay baboy"!

  2. Kagutom naman mga foods dyan no wonder kahit madaling araw na, kumain pa rin kayo. Thanks for sharing, then I can travel with you and get to know you more. Thanks for visiting my blog and for the nice comment:)If ever, makapunta ko dyan, I will bring with me my baked buns. hi,hi I am now following your escapades:)

    1. Thanks Joy! Let me know if you'll be here in Chicago! ;-)