Friday, June 15, 2012

End of Week MLW Meal: Asian Grilled Salmon

Just got back after a long walk from the movies.  Not really a fan of musicals, but you just gotta check out how Tom Cruise could pull off an Axl Rose/Jon Bon Jovi act.  I think he did pretty well!  "Rock of Ages" was fun to watch - you'll get a good dose of LSS that you might find yourself humming a song or two on your way home (think 80s).  So that was a good exercise (from the walking, not singing) - probably 2-3 miles overall?  I got to start wearing my pedometer, if only I could find it... 
For lunch, I cooked grilled salmon again (per hubby's request) but this time around, it is Asian inspired - kind of teriyaki-ish.

Calories: 262 Calories from Fat: 106

Wild Salmon Fillet 120/35
Salmon Marinade (~72/71):
Sesame Oil, soy sauce, garlic powder, onion powder, ginger powder powder, sugar, lemon juice, chili pepper flakes
3 pieces mini portabella mushrooms 9/0
20 strips red and green bell peppers 10/0
1/2 cup sliced onions 24/0
1/2 cup carrots 10/0
1 tbsp oyster sauce 9/0
2 cloves garlic 8/0

I'm proud to say, in a matter of 5 days, I lost 3 lbs or maybe a little more. :-) Definitely encouraging... I give myself a pat on the back!  
And tomorrow is the start of our Millennium Park Workout Session, so bring it on!  I just hope I don't faint...


  1. way to go Dianne! now you deserve some treat.... how about banana split? hehehhe I kid! I kid!

    I gotta talk to you!!! talagang dito pa sinabi eh, no? :-D

    Spanish Pinay

    1. Anong balita? Please call! Please call!