Sunday, June 10, 2012

Happy Birthday Hubby

What an eventful day.  June 9th not only was my hubby's birthday, his favorite NBA team won to get them to the finals and Manny Pacquiao got defeated by an "unknown" (at least to me) to get him to... uhhh, a contracted rematch.  ANYWAY, forget about that boxing match because it deserves a whole new dedicated post altogether (and you'll know why if you google it). 

Hubby only wanted a simple celebration, even telling me that it should be a typical "Pacquiao" night with a small group of friends and it just so happened that it was also his birthday!  Okay, so I gave him that, but I couldn't help myself and had to at least do a color theme. :-)

Yes, I cooked every single dish in this spread and I don't know how I did it.  It was a 24-hour effort and yet I wasn't able to put in additional touches (I initially planned for) such as printed dish labels and blue and green pom-poms over the buffet table.  I got so ambitious - mind's willing but the body's weak! :-)

From L-R, T-B (all but one wildcard are his favorites): Chicken Macaroni Salad, Chicken Pastel (inspired by Spanish Pinay), Pancit Hab-Hab (officially a crowd favorite), Lumpiang Shanghai Version 1 (ala shrimps in a blanket), Pinoy-style Baby Back Ribs, Lumpiang Shanghai Version 2 (larger rolls with mushrooms), and Lumpiang Shanghai Version 3 (classic)


Chips & Sweets (all Bobby's favorite snacks): Dried Mangoes, Mr. Chips, Clover, Piatos, and M&Ms) 
The Dessert Table: Cupcakes, Puto (made so perfectly by our friend, Bambie), and Lola Divine's Ice Box Cake (again, officially a crowd favorite)

Switching the channel between the Miami Heat-Boston Celtics Game and Pacquiao-Bradley Undercards

Kuscow's Cute Family (I call his son, "Piolo" - apart from being pogi, he has a mole like Piolo Pascual)
Bambie and Gatz playing with adorable happy baby Shaundre

This was the last photo of the night.  I was supposed to take more photos, but after Pacquiao got robbed of his title, we're all disheartened!  Anyway, doesn't hubby look so cute here (he's wearing a Pacquiao shirt)?!

"To my cooking fan, my sounding board, my dishwasher, my patient driver and shopping buddy (who stands still with his iPhone in Forever 21), my "boyfriend" of 5 years (and still going), my tech support (who drops everything for me), my kilig-supplier (after all these years), my strong rock, my lucky hubby (aheemm haha), my bratinella tendencies shock absorber, my lunch/bus/soulmate, my "God's Best". Happy Birthday. Looking forward to growing old with you. I love you."


  1. At least you have your hubby and friends with you and at ang mga foods...nakakagutom:)Happy Birthday to your hubby!

  2. wow... that's a lot of food to prepare Dianne :-) looks like you had a nice evening.. can we also have a small portion of the sweets on Tuesday plz..? :-)

    Happy B'Day Bobby.....

    1. Haha, sure Megha! If there will be some left by then!

  3. You are a cooking superwoman!!!
    What a sweet post for your hubby! Looks like a fantastic birthday celebration :)

    1. I know right? My whole body was aching the day after!

  4. Wow! Congratulations to you for doing all these. They all look delish :) It's not an easy feat, I've done it for several family bdays and yes you get to forget some details. Too much to think about. I'm sure hubby is super happy and proud :)

  5. Grabedad ka Dianne! super daming pagkain ang niluto mo.. buti may lakas ka pa magpicture-picture jan hehe kaya lang wala ka naman sa pictures!. Salamat at special mention pa ako :) Super inggit ako sa lumpiang shanghai, I swear!!

    Hubby birthday ulit to Bobby! :)

    Spanish Pinay