Tuesday, June 12, 2012

MLW Meal: Broccoli and Spinach Omelette

As part of my MLW (must-lose-weight) endeavor this summer, I am committed to eating healthier - stay away from junk/fast food, cut down on carbs and fat, and eat less portions.  This really sparks up my creativity in cooking... The challenge: tasty, low fat meals that won't make you feel kawawa!:-) Good thing, I eat just about anything - so bring on the veggies!  Today, I had a 3-inch tuna sub and Kale salad (courtesy of my friend, Maida).  For dinner, a 15-minute meal - Broccoli and Spinach Egg White Omelette.  Delicious - it's like veggie stir fry fritata.

I looked for "tools" to validate my strategy, and so I discovered thecaloriecounter.com.  I am just too amazed with this site that I wish it's legit haha.  Anyway, assuming it is and to sound more credible and all... for this dish, here's the calorie breakdown:

Calories: 479 Calories from Fat: 82

bunch of broccoli - 207/19
bunch of spinach - 65/9
3 cloves of garlic - 13/0
1 cup of egg white - 126/4
2 tbsp oyster cauce - 18/0
2 tbsp vegetable oil - 50/50

Let's see how it goes...


  1. Looks really good, Dianne! Brocolli is one of my fave veggies :-D and somehow kinakain din ni Tala with a little pilit hehe

    Spanish Pinay

  2. You're inspiring me to eat broccoli - it's actually not one of my favorites! (Ironic for someone who was vegetarian for almost ~7 years)

  3. Lhot - it's probably my 2nd favorite veggie next to cabbage!
    Mia - I don't believe you, haha! Broccoli is sooo good! I would think it's a vegetarian's dream come true hehehe!

  4. Dianne, I guess I'm more of the dark-green-and-leafy kind (spinach, Swiss chard, kale, etc) rather than the green-and-cruciferous kind (broccoli, cabbage). But yeah... I should give it another chance, heehee.