Saturday, June 16, 2012

Saturday Morning Workout & Brunch

It's baaaaaaccckkk!  Summer in Chicago is the best time ever - I've had such a wonderful time last year and I'm looking forward to more fun activities in the next coming months.  Everything's just so bright and happy and inspiring. :-)

This morning, we did the yoga, pilates, and zumba workout sessions at Millennium Park.  I did not attempt to do pilates because I know I'll most likely be "incapacitated" by the time I'm typing up this post, but just took a walk with friends Maida and Donna instead.  But then I resumed with zumba.  It was a pretty nice day, but since this was our first workout of the season, it was so exhausting that we were two songs shy of finishing it.  Though I think we did pretty well overall - I'm sure I burned a few hundred calories at least to make room for a "light" brunch an hour later...

Millenium Park Workout

Brunch turned Lunch @ Ciao Napoli

We were supposed to have brunch at Longman & Eagle, a michelin-starred restaurant, but we came in a little too late so we were told that the wait was an hour.  As we were all starving, we took a leap of faith and entered the first brunch-serving-restaurant on the block and what do you know, we were pleasantly surprised!  When we entered Ciao Napoli, there were no diners (yup, as in zero) and there was just one staff waiting on us... uhhh... red flag!  However, the restaurant was clean, had a stylish interior, and cool air conditioning.  So for a group of five tired, hungry, and sweaty girls, that did it for us.  When the food came, everything looked and tasted GREAT.  So, many theories we had to come up with why we were the only people there!  But who cares...

Emmy's Fritata with Arugula Salad, Ela's Poached Eggs over Crostini with Pomodoro Sauce, My Cappucino

Maida's Pancakes with Mascarpone Cream Sauce & Mixed Berries and My Pizza Fiorentina

My body is still aching all over, but it was a great Saturday.  Can't wait for the next!


  1. sarap nyo naman dyan. meron kayon outdoor zumba. Here, it is summer too now, pero di pa ko nakakapag exercise. Anyway, it is an isnpiration reading your post because i can see na you are with friends a lot and also the foodsssss!

  2. This looks like such a great day! Movement, the outdoors, followed by delicious food... what more can we ask for?

    LOVE outdoor yoga - there's just nothing like it!

    Never tried zumba, though I heard it's really fun. How was it?

    1. Zumba's really fun - I'm not much of a dancer, but this workout combines aerobics and a little bit of salsa which I like. It's one hour of non-stop dancing and they also play pop music. I think you'll like it Mia.

  3. Ako din, I have to start doing something... otherwise, talagang hihigitan na ng tyan ko ang aking twins! haha triplets na nde na twins ano buzz.

    I lost your number.. si tala kasi binura ang phone book ko... hehe send it to me on fb? thanks!!

    google profile ni manuel nagamit ko ha hahaha natatamad na kasi ako magpalit eh :-D

    Spanish Pinay