Monday, June 11, 2012

Must Lose Weight.

Me 5 Years Ago
It's that time of the year when I'm feeling soooo heavy and to add insult to injury, I saw some very unflattering photos of myself (and yes they are actually posted on-line) that i just want to pull a Blair Waldorf!  I MUST do something.  Gone are the days I actually fit into a size zero, and I could wear sleeveless tops without feeling conscious about my what-I-call upper legs (i.e. chubby arms)!  I've moved on from the XS to the L and ughh sometimes XL, but I'll never forgive myself if I start shopping in the plus size section (some even call it "women's sizes" - whatever).

I know I am capable of losing weight - I've done it several times, but the problem is actually maintaining my ideal weight.  I'm naturally big-boned (a.k.a. "tabain") and it takes a whole lot of will power and discipline to watch what I eat and exercise.  If you've been reading my blog in the last few months, you know that I LOVE FOOD.  And it's not just the eating part of it, but the creating part of it, and the sharing part of it, and the blogging part of it.  I just find it too fun.  But looking at my recent photos, and just a few days ago, looking at the weighing scale, it ain't fun no more!!!  Okay, so I take it back - it's still fun, but I decided to channel my interests to something that will make me a healthier, happier person.

I don't rant so much in this blog, but one of the things my close friends know about me is that I get stressed out too easily - mostly (if not all) about work.  I tend to over-think every single situation that at the end of the day, I'm exhausted, physically and mentally.  Ahh... and what a great excuse to binge and slack and not do anything else!  A few angels told me though that it really is a choice you make.  Why the heck did I choose to work 12 hours a day and be miserable?  I can create a whole long list why, but I'd rather focus on what I should be doing instead.  So...

Today, I worked from home and when the clock struck 5, I took a shower, put on comfy clothes and shoes and headed out for a walk.  In my one and a half years of stay in Chicago, I finally chose not to be stuck at home with my work laptop, stressing over unfinished work that will never be finished anyway... I got home at 6, saw the love of my life who just came from work, and I gave him a big hug - I'm a lucky girl.

And like I said earlier, I'll be channeling my interests to something healthier - ergo, instead of eating very tempting leftover party food (see previous post), I whipped up a nice salad made of mixed greens, salsa verde, cilantro, black beans, tortilla chips, cheese (just a little, hehe), fresh lime juice, a drizzle of olive oil and ranch dressing, and lots and lots of freshly cracked black pepper.  It was so refreshing, but I would have to admit, it's been almost four hours, and I'm feeling a little hungry right now!  Time to drink a glass of water... whoever said it was easy?! :-)

South of the Border Salad
I just had to take a picture of it all mixed up.  Next time I'll leave out the salsa verde (which came from a jar) because it kind of diluted the natural flavors of the fresher ingredients.  Would also be great if I had guacamole, but then it's going to pile on more calories.

It's a jungle in there, hehehe!
I've had many "Day 1s" and my hubby's been teasing me about it!  But I know I can take it from here.  There's really more to it than looking good and being able to fit in all the nice clothes.  And I hope to get there.  That's good enough motivation for me.


  1. Love that photo of you, Dianne! You look like you're dreaming of creating something ;-)

  2. Oh my, 5 years ago, andito na ako Dianne and I swear you were just like that before I left about 7yrs ago :) I do believe you can do this.. sabi mo nga, you've done this many times. Perhaps this time it's more difficult kasi in spite of all your work frustrations, life is good beside hubby... you know, everyday is worth celebrating with creamy ice cream and tiramisus and all sweet and yummy! :-D

    Spanish Pinay

    1. Lhot, I know right! Haayyy... so healthier living!