Saturday, June 23, 2012

Saturday Sunshine!

Today had the most perfect weather - sunny and cool at around 70F - great for walking and working out.  I didn't get too tired, despite having to walk probably 5 miles, on top of yoga and zumba!

Michigan Avenue at around 11AM in the morning.  
Brunch at West Egg Cafe - it was a long wait (thank God for complimentary coffee), but we had the best table in the house!

I loved my Celsa Con Salsa (similar to Huevos Rancheros & Chilaquiles).
We're apparently a Saturday Workout & Brunch Club now!

After brunch, we rewarded ourselves with a little retail therapy... I told my friends, I realize I've become a "blue" person now as I was in denial at first.  I guess that's what marriage does to you - call it compromise or "adapting", but my liking for blue things has become natural to me.  I bought blue single-serve porcelain baking dishes (for baked pasta, eggs, pies, chilaquiles), and this really chic trash can with circular blue patterns!  Who would've thought chic and trash can go together?!  I went gaga over these, they have it in all prints I love - ikat, damask, and these modern diane-von-furstenburg-like patterns.  I really love products with unexpected, quirky designs... 

Tomorrow we're headed to the Botanical Garden. I hope the weather is just a beautiful...

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  1. A day full of blessings. You are so blessed by God in many ways and you are doing Such a wonderful job taking care of your physical body. Have a nice weekend :)