Wednesday, June 13, 2012

MLW Meal # 2: Mac n 'gies

As in Macaroni and Veggies!  Working from home today, I was able to cook one dish which I ate throughout the day - brunch, snack, dinner.  It's similar to Pasta Primavera, but I'd like to call it "Mac N Gies". :-)

I also had a nice long walk along Michigan Avenue, now with a mission.  Apart from my MLW goal, I wanted to buy a watch I saw from In Style Magazine June Edition - nothing fancy, just a Swatch which has this really attractive bohemian/ethnic design which I'm into nowadays...  And guess what, they're all sold-out!  Apparently, since the magazine came out, (fashionable) people (like me, ha!) all rushed to Swatch stores/dealers and emptied out their inventory - even on-line!  Oh well, at least I saved 80 bucks.

So enough with my shopping "misadventure".  Here's how my Mac N Gies turned out - the macaroni was actually left over from the Chicken Macaroni Salad I made for hubby's birthday.  The veggies, I stocked up from last weekend's Fresh Farms shopping.  I really liked this dish - fresh and filling, yet guilt-free.

Calories: 326 Calories from Fat: 70

1 cup elbow macaroni - 197/8
1/2 cup zucchini - 14/0
1/4 cup red bell pepper - 15/11
1 clove garlic - 4/0
1/4 cup fresh white mushrooms - 4/0
1 cup of spinach - 41/4
1 tsp olive oil - 40/40
1/2 tbsp parmesan cheese - 11/7